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Poundings XCII

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After a lengthy break, the Impound’s Friday rock block is back! We’re returning our signature mix series to its roots of a slammin’ baker’s dozen to rattle your bones as the weekend beckons. As the saying goes, PLAY LOUD!

Listen to this mix here. Track listing below.


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Poundings XCII Track Listing

  1. We Don’t Want – Brand New Trash
  2. Politicians In My Eyes – Death
  3. Everything – Luv Machine
  4. Shattered Bonds – Backyard Babies
  5. Hightime – Zero Boys
  6. Before You Die – Bad Religion
  7. Already Young – The Whigs
  8. Good Drugs – Shuggie
  9. Secretary’s Day – TAB The Band
  10. Motherfucker of the Year – Mötley Crüe
  11. On The Road – Monotonix
  12. This Perfect Day – The Saints
  13. Blister On The Moon – Taste