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What’s In A Name (Vol. 1)

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It’s a funny thing that songs about another person resonate with us on such a personal level. Even if it’s not our name or the name of our specific beloved, we can still develop an intimate relationship with Lovely Rita, Dr. Wu, and scores of others – just another cool aspect of music’s enduring, hard-to-pin-down power. For the next few weeks the Impound will be sharing some of our favorite “name” songs. It’s a rich well and we’ll do our best to bring up some nifty moniker based gems for you.

True story relating to this mix: Right before a campsite performance of “Danny’s Song,” DI once witnessed John Hofer of The Mother Hips say to Nicki Bluhm and her duet partner on this cover hubby Tim Bluhm, “Nothing too unicorn-y! The honeymoon is over!” Whiskey – perhaps furnished by the Impound – may have been a factor in Hofer’s remarks, but it was kinda delightful that the Bluhms then sang a song that’s as unicorn-y – an adjective that deserves far wider usage – as anything the 70s produced. Don’t try and tell a Bluhm what to do is perhaps the lesson here.

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What’s In A Name (Vol. 1) Track Listing

  1. Chelsea Rodgers – Prince
  2. Mama Coco – Gino Vannelli
  3. Along Came Mary – The Association
  4. Lovely Rita – Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power
  5. Junkyard Julie – The Rosewood Thieves
  6. Sara – Dorian Small
  7. Maggie May – Rod Stewart
  8. Danny’s Song – Nicki Bluhm
  9. Raymond Chandler Evening – Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
  10. Goldie Hawn – Butane Variations
  11. Magdalena – Danny O’Keefe
  12. Doctor Wu – Steely Dan
  13. Where Next, Columbus? – Jeffrey Lewis
  14. Doctor Robert – Luke Temple
  15. Cruel Jim – Christine Fellows
  16. Kid Curry, 1904 – Bob Frank & John Murry
  17. Doris Day – The Felice Brothers
  18. Dear Dorothy – Jesse Harris
  19. Steve’s Hammer (For Pete) – Steve Earle
  20. Liza Jane – Veda Hille