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Cracker Factory

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From simple things great things sometimes emerge. This ditty from Seattle’s Cracker Factory is like a zen mantra from a sensei that loves Anvil and The Stooges. Listen once and you will not shake this lil’ melody, and when combined with the freakish bong hit cousin of a classic Atari console game video (delivered with aplomb by director Andrew Woods) it’s even more memorable. The song – which y’all can pick up here for a buck! – dates back to the band’s early days in 2006. Cracker Factory – a name that makes DI imagine an industrial building that churns out dudes in Ted Nugent t-shirts and trucker hats – is comprised of R.L. Heyer (guitar, vocals), Shane Smith (bass), and Denali Williams (drums), who dedicate themselves to a big balled gonzo rock in a wholly appealing way in this trio. They’re currently working on their third album, No One Knows We’re Here, which is being co-produced by engineer/producer Scott Colburn – always a sign that one should pay attention since Colburn only messes with the good shit. Now press play on this ace new video and join us in humming this number the rest of your day.

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