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Perhaps of all the musicians we’ve yet to hang out with K.Flay may be at the top of the DI Wish List. She seems like our kinda human – funny, smart without lording it over folks, mad skilled on the mic and in the studio, a live wild fire when the beat catches her. We could go on, but we’ll just say, “Hey girl, we’d love to buy you an Orange Julius and talk Foucault over fries sometime.” Offer tendered, and we’ll just pine for a friendship ring like most folks in her ever-increasing flock.

Ms. Flay has a brand new, free-to-download EP hitting today called West Ghost. You can pick it up HERE. And if you need some evidence for why we wanna hang with her, this video should do the trick. Just don’t blame us when you come away smitten!

This is the lead off cut from the new EP if you wanna sample before you buy. We won’t judge. Prepare to nod your head.