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The Seasonal Mix Series is an inquiry in song about where we stand as the weather changes and the calendar pages leaf by.

The blue is returning to the sky and green shoots are poking up from the ground. As Tom Lehrer once tunefully observed, “Spring is here, spring is here/ Life is skittles and life is beer.” For whatever reason, folks seem more open to newness and change during this particular season, and given how fenced off and fixed in their ways so many people have become it’s a welcome movement whatever the catalyst. May this vernal shift find you fresh love, fresh prospects, and perhaps even plain ol’ fresh in the way that got DI’s chief’s ears boxed by nuns throughout his childhood.

Track listing below. If you experience playback problems pop over to the mix page and it should play fine.

Spring 2013 Snappy Mix from dirtyimpound on 8tracks Radio.

Spring 2013 Snappy Mix Track Listing

  1. Walking In The Sun – Fink
  2. Goin’ Back – Devendra Banhart
  3. Moving – John Fullbright
  4. Now You Are One of Us – The Cairo Gang
  5. Closer To Water – Two Dark Birds
  6. The Fade – Megafaun
  7. You Got The Silver – Crooked Still
  8. To and From – Elephant Revival
  9. Someone New – Paul Kelly
  10. Holding Your Hand – Thea Gilmore
  11. Treasure – Oli Don
  12. Blue Mountain – Espers
  13. We Shall Wish – Colourmusic
  14. Two Wrong >
  15. Anchor – Pugwash
  16. Punch of Love – Jay Gonzalez
  17. Hiway – Oakley Hall
  18. Some New Town – Slobberbone
  19. Roll Your Own – The Fabulous Poodles
  20. Freakin’ At The Freaker’s Ball – Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show

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