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Stoned Mixology - Stick This In Your Pipe

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If it weren’t already abundantly clear what a pro-pot place the Impound is it will be after we present this long running offline mix series. Begun on a quiet night with a pile of fresh sounds from the record store and a pungent green baggy, the Stoned Mixology series has only a few rules: 1) No planning or premeditation. Just put one song after another in real time; 2) Smoke a gang of weed; and 3) Don’t overthink anything. I fill a couple boxes with whatever grabs my attention in the collection, load the water pipe, select a starting track, and then we’re off. This makes for some wild shifts but also an oddly organic feel. DI will spend the next 16 Mondays sharing this series, and may well add a few more volumes after we’ve offered the archives. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em…or not. You’re kinda missing the point if you don’t get your head into the same space while listening, but heck we’re the first ones to champion different strokes for different folks!

Listen to this mix HERE. Track listing below.

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Stoned Mixology: Stick This In Your Pipe Track Listing

  1. Tiny Bongs – The Moore Brothers
  2. Long Haired Child – Devendra Banhart
  3. Hippy Chix – Camper Van Beethoven
  4. Sea Time Rain – Serenity
  5. 40,000 Headmen – Traffic
  6. When It All Comes Down – Earthling Society
  7. Finger of Rain – Matt Deighton
  8. 1972 – Josh Rouse
  9. Lost On Yer Merry Way – Grandaddy
  10. Happy In My Pants – Absinthe
  11. See My Friends – Gravenhurst
  12. Top of the World – Mike Coykendall
  13. El Guasano (Alice In Wormland) – Traffic Sound
  14. Tecnicolor – Os Mutantes
  15. Nice – Bridget St. John
  16. Sea Hero – Maplewood
  17. Cornwall Blank – America
  18. You and Your Sister – Chris Bell