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ALO Debut Episode

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While there’s some small vestige of substance in music journalism, there’s virtually nothing on television right now that elevates the general conversation about music or offers more than a live song or two from a single group. Gone are pioneering programs like David Sanborn’s Night Music and Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, let alone a program that moves the tradition ahead. Enter, a forward thinking, depth seeking, entertaining new series from Bay Area videographer/filmmaker Jarid Johnson (AMPsf). Described as “not a traditional interview, not a typical performance, just honest talk among bandmates, like sitting in the living room with your favorite musicians,” gives one an intimate seat at a lively, personal conversation between the principles, kicking off the new series with DI faves ALO, who delve into parents, liberating the inner animal, and the decision to become musicians and not rock stars. Take a gander at what a richer music show might be with this exceedingly open, good hearted group of smart, talented guys. Even if you’re not already an ALO fan, there are many fine observations about the work of making music and its many challenges and entanglements here.