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DI digs this shuffling two-minute teaser from Los Angeles’ Patrolled By Radar‘s forthcoming sophomore album, Universal Donors (due this summer and produced by Los Straightjackets’ Peter Curry). Makes us wish more bars had jukeboxes with this sorta fare on them. Be nice to plop in a few coins and let the song tell some barking moron he should shut his cake-hole. While there’s a strong rock-leaning Americana feel to Patrolled By Radar- think a more city-fied, sophisticated Uncle Tupelo – what the band’s superb free cover tunes album reveals is guys with diverse tastes and all of it good. Click over and download this sucker and hear The Clash, The Jam, The Real Kids, Magazine, The dB’s and more nicely transformed into boot scootin’ new forms. And since they’re nice enough to give you a bunch of tunes for free, do them and yourself a favor and pick up their swell debut Be Happy here.