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Stoned Mixology – Heavy Sauce

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Music put together under the influence for the edification and amusement of those both under the influence and otherwise…

Nothing too fancy this time, just the usual attempt to get the past to talk to the present and the present to talk to the past. And maybe offer a few tasty morsels to stick in your philosophical and mental bindle for the road ahead. Also, this sounds nice when you’re high.

Track listing below. If you experience playback problems pop over to the mix page and it should play fine.

Stoned Mixology: Heavy Sauce from dirtyimpound on 8tracks Radio.

Stoned Mixology: Heavy Sauce Track Listing

  1. Secret Language – Mobius Band
  2. Stoned Again – Evangelicals
  3. Knives Out – The Flaming Lips
  4. Sleep Sunshine – The Whigs
  5. I Wanna Get High – Gary Louris
  6. Get Wise – Backyard Tire Fire
  7. Cosmic Sing-A-Long – Cryptacize
  8. Hitched To The Sun – The Mumlers
  9. Four Seasons In One Day – Crowded House
  10. I’m Standing In The Light (live) – Dr. Dog
  11. Off Duty Fortune Teller – Haale
  12. Golden Gifts – Dead Confederate
  13. Mountain Magic – Society of Rockets
  14. Amnesia – Fire On Fire
  15. Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring – Traffic
  16. My Life Is Natural – Slade
  17. Easy Prey – Retribution Gospel Choir
  18. Not A Dry Eye In America – Johnny Lunchbreak
  19. Not Fragile – Tesla
  20. Reaching Out (alternate version) – Climax Blues Band