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Sunday Brunch VIII

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It’s been a hard week in America. Most of them are but the national psyche took some concussive blows in the past seven days. It’s hard to keep pulling one’s self up from the mat after so much ugliness, violence and disappointment – not to mention all the travails and small travesties of our private lives this past week – but it’s important to keep believing in things larger than ourselves, stronger than a single stretch of days, more enduring than a news cycle or political campaign. We gotta find faith in one another or even something more skyward, and say, like Mott does on this mix, “God ain’t jive.” Dreams and love and other connections and joys – big, tiny and otherwise – remain alive and well despite the black wave that swept through recently. These are songs to keep us company as we claw our way to the light, together despite the fog and fear that makes us seem so distant at times.

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Sunday Brunch VIII Track Listing

  1. Visions (From IO) – Six Organs of Admittance
  2. Afraid of Sunlight – Marillion
  3. Dying To Live – Edgar Winter’s White Trash
  4. This Song Has No Title – Elton John
  5. Hopefully >
  6. Bermuda Highway – My Morning Jacket
  7. Don’t Stop Believing – Clem Snide
  8. Please Send Me Someone To Love – John Oates
  9. Puncture All The Wheels – Modern Inventors
  10. American Heartache – The True Spokes
  11. Hymn For The Dudes – Mott The Hoople
  12. Only Ones Who Know – Arctic Monkeys
  13. Its Own Sun – 13 & God