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Brother Dege


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I’ve been through magic and defied reality. I’ve lived a thousand years and it never bothered me.

We love a good cover at DI and this is a REALLY good cover. Lots of folks tackle Black Sabbath wrong – they’re lots tougher to figure out than many reckon – but Brother Dege nails it with this swampy, slippery take on a Vol. 4 standout. In fact, Dege kinda amps up the mystical vibe, taking the original on a misty mountain hop. Satisfying stuff, and there’s more to be had on 2010’s damn fine Folk Songs of the American Longhair and elsewhere in his catalog. Apparently Tarantino digs him, too, and say what you will about Quentin but the man knows how to pick ’em with soundtrack choices.

Oh, you can download this sweet cover for FREE over here.