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Cy Dune

Yellin' / Where The Wild Things

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Akron/Family‘s Seth Olinsky is a dude who lives up to Walt Whitman’s pronouncement, “I am large, I contain multitudes.” The Impound got this impression the very first time we hung out with the guy, and the feeling’s only intensified over the years. So, not a super duper surprise to see his new inspired-ly unruly Cy Dune persona emerge. There’s a LOT of punk rock roiling in him, and his boffo new EP No Recognize (pick up it here) serves it up with yummy clatter. One senses instruments may not have survived the recording process. And now with Cy Dune, he’s got a proper shell for the Black Album burbling at the bottom of his ever-bubbling soul. DI hears distant echoes of The Sonics and The Fugs inside this yelping, distortion lovin’, profanity friendly EP, and that ain’t nothing but good, children. Here’s a double dose from Olinsky’s latest, but really you need to grab the whole shebang for the total effect.

CY DUNE – YELLIN’ from CY DUNE on Vimeo.

CY DUNE – Where the Wild Things from CY DUNE on Vimeo.