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Size ain’t everything but uber-survivors Mudhoney have some strong opinions on the matter in this crazy charming ode to littleness, enoughness, and the wee.

Now let me go down the list: Minimum production, low yields, intimate settings, limited appeal, dingy basements, short runs, no expectations, wait, I’m not done!

This corker off Mudhoney’s new album, Vanishing Point (released April 2 on Sub Pop), is so good and the video so darn DIY, let’s-put-on-a-show awesome that it’ll make you dive into this new album (which is as dead solid as anything we’ve heard this year and a really honest bit of POV on the rock life they’ve survived) and perhaps further back into their catalogue to realize, as the Impound did, that this is band is greater than memory serves. We love consistent quality and an honest look at Mudhoney’s output and strong independent spirit makes us dig them lots. Pick up the new one and see what we mean. And bonus cool points to the band for using the title to one of DI’s favorite cult movies. Well played, sirs.