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Prince and 3rd Eye Girl

Let's Go Crazy (Rehearsal Remake)

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Based on this nasty funk-rock grenade, DI is starting to think we should’ve broken open our piggy bank to scrape together the $250-plus ticket price for Prince‘s debut tour with his new backing band 3rd Eye Girl, who come across as very nice and starry-eyed in the tour promo clip below as well as the record shopping rehearsal jam we’ve also included here. One thing His Purple Mounted Majesty can be counted on for is quality players, and frankly, the Impound thinks Wendy & Lisa in The Revolution were the best creative foils the Minneapolis wonder ever had so this latest estrogen rich combo seems promising, especially if one has a sweet tooth for his Funkadelic licking rock side – and we most certainly do. Most stops are already sold out, even with the steep ticket price, but y’all can check out dates & details here. We’re catching up on the recent new music downloads from Prince & 3rd Eye Girl and will be reporting on them soon. In the meantime, you should dive into this bump ‘n’ grind strut forthwith.