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Raheem Cohen

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Baby, whatcha gonna do when she steps in in front of you?/ I’m on call and if I talk I gotta stand up tall/ And I’m just counting all the days ’til everything will fall apart.

There’s a preternatural confidence and smoothness to Los Angeles-based Raheem Cohen, whose swagger doesn’t belie guys who just finished high school. In fact, listen to their winning Bandcamp EP and one picks up something akin to pre-Purple Rain Prince with pinches of Talking Heads and polished 80s stylists like Spandau Ballet. But click over to “Wind’s Lonely Heart” and they’re plying reggae-tinged lover’s blues. This young group likes to mix things up, right down to their moniker which mingles distinctly Muslim and Jewish names. In some ways, Raheem Cohen is shaping up to be the West Coast answer to guerilla party animals Reptar – and some enterprising tour booker needs to put those Athens, GA kids together with these L.A. boys toot sweet to aid the cause of one nation under a groove.

Dirty Impound is pleased to premiere this smoking new track from Raheem Cohen. It’s the kind of tune that gets lodged in your brain and begs to be played loud on the car stereo as you sing along and don’t give a damn about who sees you belting it out like you wanna impress a TV singing contest judge. Watch them as they work into the song, their faces and bodies leaning into it, after it in a focused, openly passionate way. Real funky stuff only happens with this type of steely-eyed dedication, and already in their early gestation Raheem Cohen shows better instincts for soulful rock than most of what’s crowding the airwaves.