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Tera Melos


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For the first 32 seconds this seems like a shadowy, kinda drone-y bit o’ alternative rock, and then a lysergic fun bomb goes off. Sacramento, CA’s Tera Melos brings us this delightfully odd taste of their brand spankin’ new album, X’ed Out (released April 16 on the ever-great Sargent House label), and it’s prompt enough for the Impound to quickly check out the rest of the record asap. Any trio willing to dress up like a cross between a drag Shonen Knife and Keane painting is alright in our book. Add this to Tera Melos’ pretty dang solid record of delivering rock that tickles the mind and gonads and you’ve got yo’ self a likely winner with the full-length offering. In many ways, this clip suggests what might happen when all the kids growing up on Yo Gabba Gabba decide to form bands in a few years. Come suckle some strange!