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Willie Nile

The Crossing

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Willie Nile is DI’s kinda rocker. The epitome of a lifer, driven to write songs and sing them to whoever will listen by forces far nobler and more powerful than temporary perks like money and fame, Nile exudes a rough-hewn compassion, a tenderness for his fellow beings that’s evolved through his own hard blows, disappointments and challenges. There is something resoundingly real about the guy, a firmness born of tough love and conviction in the right causes. Dressed in stage black, alone at a piano, his heart resting where others put a tip jar, Nile is pretty beautiful in this recent performance at Joe’s Pub in NYC, delivering a tune to help us get across whatever chasms lay in our path. For more on Willie check out DI’s 2012 interview, and we’re anxiously awaiting Nile’s forthcoming crowd-sourced new album American Ride later this year (and hopefully another fruitful conversation with one of the best gut-level rockers around).