Dirty 7

Chris O'Connor, Jeremy Korpas & Sean Leahy

The Guitarists of DI's 3rd Anniversary Party

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On June 15th, Dirty Impound will celebrate three years slingin’ prose, mixes, and perhaps a kernel of wisdom or two about rock ‘n’ roll with a shindig at San Francisco’s premiere speakeasy the Boom Boom Room [pick up tickets here and RSVP on Facebook here]. With DI’s resident house band, Seattle’s The Staxx Brothers, topping the bill, the party also features a special solo performance from John Murry and a pummeling rock set from one-off trio The Evil Sides, which is comprised of Jeremy Korpas (The Loyal Scam, former Big Light lead guitarist) and Sean Leahy and drummer extraordinaire Daria Johnson of SF’s blazing pop-rockers the Sean Leahy Trio. Throw in a DJ set from Righteous Trash and you’ve got a lineup that reflects the street level POV of the Impound and the high quality variety this site spotlights on a regular basis.

While Leahy will be trading his usual electric guitar for a bass for this performance, the evening brings together three of the most talented and promising young lead guitarists currently knocking rock around for its own good – it gets sluggish if not tested and prodded on the regular. Staxx’s Chris O’Connor is a descendent of the classic hard-edged Funkadelic shredders, where the heavy slap and groove whomp are obvious but closer inspection reveals a really thoughtful, song serving player who measures out his licks with a humility and intelligence rare amongst lead guitarists. Leahy is in the line of compact killers like Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen and Journey’s Neal Schon, a man able to make an impact with smartly carved succinctness. Korpas is a curious, always compelling mixture of classic rock shreddiness and post-Radiohead modernity, a guitarist one can rarely make predictions about and yet who always serves up sounds that draw one in and enliven the music. Each of these guys has knocked the Impound on their butt more than a few times, reminding us why rock remains such a guitar-centric genre and inspiring some of the most shameful public air guitar we’ve ever been a party to. Perhaps more than anything, DI loves how NOT by the numbers these three are. They clearly understand the mechanics of their craft but constantly seek to find inroads to fresh territory, trying just a bit harder than the next guys to infuse rock with vitality you can feel.

The Impound has invited the musicians of the 3rd Anniversary Party to get dirty in the lead up to this ultra-fun good time evening, and here’s what O’Connor [Nickname: The Butcher], Korpas and Leahy [Nickname: SLeahy] slung our way.

Favorite dirty word or expression?

O’Connor: Beef Curtains. It inspires such a visual. I always picture a prime rib hanging from a clothes line.

Korpas: Fuck Motherfucking Yeah!

Leahy: Fuck!! More specifically, “What the fuck!!”

One of the grossest things I’ve encountered while touring is…

O’Connor: I’m positive everyone in Staxx will have the same response. With 100-percent certainty, the grossest thing I’ve EVER encountered is the smell of [bassist] Jake Amster’s ass. He’s a first generation Jewish pork connoisseur. That combination of thousands of years of genetics and that much BBQ produces an ungodly froth that sticks to the walls. I’ve seen birds fall right out of the sky.

Korpas: I like the story about the time I took an Ambien at the Mystic Hot Springs and took a sleepwalking piss on our lead singer’s guitar. But that one doesn’t top the time I took another Ambien and woke up choking out our tour manager. [Editor’s Note: Stay the fuck away from Ambien, man!]

Leahy: The van smell!

Besides sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, what does a mind and body need?

O’Connor: Eh? I don’t understand the question.

Korpas: LOVE!

Leahy: Sorry to be nerdy but I gotta say water and sleep.

A filthy song I love is…

O’Connor: “Don’t Fight the Feeling” by Too Short is not only fairly filthy, it is my soul song. That song always brings out the 12-year-old boy in me and takes me back to when I first heard that record while my best friend’s older brother drove us around Everett, WA, giggling our asses off. [Listen here]

Korpas: Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart’s “Willie The Pimp” [Listen here]

Leahy: AC/DC’s “She’s Got Balls” [Listen here]

Groupie love – good, bad, scary or what?

O’Connor: Being married to another member of the band, I’m not really interested. But we do have a few favorites for the other guys in the band.

Korpas: Normally it starts out good but by the morning time it’s gets pretty scary.

Leahy: Non-existent.

Which would make you feel most unclean?

  • Having your music used in a montage in a Kate Hudson/Sandra Bullock-style date movie
  • Having it show up in the background of a celebrity sex tape
  • Having it used to market erectile dysfunction medications

O’Connor: Definitely not the erectile dysfunction medication. The main riff in our song “Money” was inspired heavily by a Cialis commercial. I should probably send them a thank you note. A Kate Hudson/Sandy Bullock date montage would be quite exciting. Wait, did you mean they are in the same movie? If one of our songs was in a celebrity sex tape, I think it could be quite gratifying as well. I’m picturing Andre the Giant and Junk Yard Dog tag teaming Anne Curry. Yeah, that would make me feel very unclean.

Korpas: I hope that the music I am part of is never associated with a limp dick.

Leahy: Sorry to say but if the pay is right…I could care less!

One of my favorite dirty ass rock ‘n’ roll bands is…

O’Connor: The Velvet Underground. Lou Reed can make you feel dirty with a single word, and the sound of their records can be so haunting and beautiful at the same time. I got the Peel Slowly and See box set in high school and still go back to it all the time.

Korpas: Pantera.

Leahy: AC/DC. No offense to Brian Johnson but the Bon Scott era specifically.