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DI Super Pals ALO (with bud Ron Johnson filling in for Steve Adams) took time out to smile pretty and raise a finger for the cause during the inaugural Bottle Rock Festival in Napa, CA. Impound lensman chum Joe Russo was a busy man backstage and we’ll have more Birdy pics from the fest in the next couple weeks thanks to his efforts.

Previously, Lebo offered us an aggro-face (see here), but passes the expression to skin pounder Dave Brogan (who recently shared his Favorite Beatles Songs with DI). We love that Ron seems to be levitating above the others, grin and “fuck you” glowing brightly – also, this man is serious bidness on the bass, so take notice anytime he’s involved in a project. Finally, Zach Gill‘s smile speaks of a near-lustful engagement with life. DI has a new nickname for Zach we want to popularize – Secret Sauce. It suits him because he’s ever so flavorful but you can’t quite place all the ingredients in the Gill recipe, yet you’ll crave it once you’ve had a taste. Feel free to use the nickname when you run into him and we’ll see if it sticks.

(L-R) Ron Johnson, Dave Brogan, Zach Gill and Dan Lebowitz by Joe Russo

(L-R) Ron Johnson, Dave Brogan, Zach Gill and Dan Lebowitz by Joe Russo

Are you interested in giving Dirty Impound the finger? Are you in a band? Well, we wanna see whatcha you got, cowboys (and cowgirls)! Send us your birdie pics and we’ll add them to our archive and make sure folks know you cared enough to raise a middle finger for rock! Send pictures to