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This might be our favorite Free Bird Project entry yet. It gets right to the heart of what we love about this gesture, which stems directly from the roots of a genre dedicated to fucking ‘n’ fighting ‘n’ feuding with the powers that be – rock ‘n’ rollin’ indeed. Yes, members of DI faves Dearly Beloved are front & center in the shot, but many raising a finger are audience members, many beautifully going for it with a gusto that makes our heart swell three sizes. Everyone does this gesture differently, their expression and hands shaped in their own snowflake uniqueness. Flipping the bird, raising a middle finger, just putting it out there can be such a joyous thing. Even when done in anger, brandished at someone we feel deserves it, it still feels good to us. Go on, admit it and you’ll be free.

What DI loves so much about this picture is it encapsulates what a collective experience a rock show is, or at least can be when one is surrounded by folks willing to get into it with the band, leaping and yelling and being taken by the music in ways so wickedly wonderful there are no words to describe it. Big thanks to Dearly Beloved, photographer Alex Moscall, and the fine throng with them at this recent gig in Ireland – the Free Bird flies high and strong in you! Except for that one drunkenly dazed chap on the right. We hope someone drove him home that night.

Dearly Beloved by Alex Moscall

Dearly Beloved by Alex Moscall

Are you interested in giving Dirty Impound the finger? Are you in a band? Well, we wanna see whatcha you got, cowboys (and cowgirls)! Send us your birdie pics and we’ll add them to our archive and make sure folks know you cared enough to raise a middle finger for rock! Send pictures to