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“If you don’t think about the things you love you’re gonna lose them someday. If you think too much about the things you love you’re gonna lose them in another way. So you must think just enough about the things you love.”

Ark Life. With just two words the mind wanders into flood and floating reality. When DI’s Grand Poobah was a Catholic Sunday School going lad he once asked, “What did they eat on the ark?” It’s an innocent, logical question, and one to this day no one has ever answered with any satisfaction BUT now we know what the band playing the 40 day, 40 night voyage would sound like with this new Colorado-based outfit spearheaded by These United States singer-songwriter and bohemian gadabout Jesse Elliott. The Impound loves the way these cats ‘n’ kittens watch each other, bodies rolling on some shared wave as they find their musical sea legs, ideas and emotions sloshing around their feet and kick into the crowd with a loose-limb kick spray. Elliott sounds delightful with female songbirds sighing along with his melodically delivered big ideas, and just based on this widdle taste, this band – Elliott, Lindsay Giles, Anna Morsett, Natalie Tate, Ben Desoto & Friends- already gives off the air of a family thang, where the meals and miles are readily shared with any fellow travelers they might encounter. They’ve done a spot of touring in 2013 with a whole lot more ahead including a visit out West in July. Go “like” ’em on the Facebooks, give a listen to their swell Daytrotter Session, and surely catch a show and break bread – figurative and/or literal – with them when they ramble through your town.