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The New Up & Animal Party

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At Dirty Impound we strive to sniff out the best, most real, honest rock ‘n’ roll we can find, but most of the time we’re spotlighting this material after it’s already available for purchase, download, live consumption, etc. Given the challenges facing independent artists in the modern era, DI will now periodically share what we consider worthy causes during their gestation period. When our faith is high that the music coming down the pipeline is high quality, we’re gonna encourage our readers to chip in towards quality projects. We feel like the Impound is a bit of a cause itself (read our mission statement), and we’re glad to throw our support behind musicians with real heart, talent and drive, and hope y’all feel the same.

That said, our first pair of worthy causes comes from San Francisco with two of the finest modern rock outfits we’ve laid ears on in the past 10 years. The New Up is a sleek beast, grit and groove in one, where things snarl even as they sashay seductively. Sharing some sonic kinship with folks like Tricky, Gang of Four, Patti Smith Group and contemporaries The Features and CSS, this quintet harnesses modern travails to enduring, underlying truths to forge music that’s relevant, sexy and charged with electricity. Animal Party stems from the line that brought us Cheap Trick and the great power pop tradition for music with killer hooks, strong melodies, tight musicianship and a lead singer with hella enticing pipes. We’ve heard Animal Party’s debut – produced by the reliably excellent Jeremy Black (Tea Leaf Green, Apollo Sunshine, Sean Leahy Trio) and can assure you it’s a hopping collection filled with rave ups and quality love songs you want to hear but don’t know it yet. All of the new material The New Up has previewed live suggests these folks are ready to move onto the proverbial next level in both thickening and streamlining their already considerable charms. Take a gander at their fund raising pitches and consider getting involved. The only way rock gets better these days is if listeners get involved in helping the good stuff find its way into world.

Support The New Up’s project here! And keep up with the band’s musical revolution on their official blog.

Support Animal Party’s project here!