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Happy Birthday, Suzi Quatro!

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We absolutely adore Suzi Quatro here at the Impound. A true daughter of Detroit – too often not mentioned alongside all the critic-enshrined boys from that town – Quatro emerged to most in the early 1970s, already an experienced roadhouse dog, tough and talented, neither virgin nor whore at a time when both were still the norms for women in popular music. A precursor to The Runaways and the wonderful work of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts afterwards, Quatro was unmistakably girlish with a haymaker voice, great bass chops, and a commanding presence in front of dead solid bands throughout her many decades slogging it away in clubs, often more appreciated abroad than here in the States. One picks up on some of her attitude and stage presence in early Patti Smith, and everyone from Hole to L7 to countless other Riot Grrls owe Suzi a debt of gratitude. In Quatro one finds a through-line from Chuck Berry to 60s jukebox pop to punk rock, all given shuffling connective tissue in her muscular, good time music. She’s also a fabulous interpreter of well-chosen covers, an interpreter in the best sense (see the Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen corkers below for proof). Suzi is still at it all over the world (check out the boss performance from 2011 below), and yesterday, June 2, was her 62nd birthday. DI would like to thank Quatro for being born and running business like she has on behalf of ourselves and rock ‘n’ roll. Thanks to The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge for hipping us to the occasion.