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Sunday Brunch X

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Take a breath. It’s going to be alright. You’re alive and there are possibilities afoot you cannot possible foresee from where you stand. Just enjoy the day and you being in it as much as you can. Here’s a score to help ease into a more copacetic state.

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Sunday Brunch X Track Listing

  1. Until The Morning – Akron/Family
  2. Let Me Dream of the High Country – Richmond Fontaine
  3. Eventually – The Phoenix Foundation
  4. Broken Hearted Existentialist – Parlour Flames
  5. Shadow of the Sun – Paul Weller
  6. You Don’t Need To Cry – Ghosts of Jupiter
  7. Strangers – Futurebirds
  8. Circle Drive – Field Report
  9. Ebury Down – Brinsley Schwarz
  10. Fine Memory – Bob Seger
  11. Two Different Roads – Michael Nesmith
  12. Jesus on the AM Station – The Midnight Pine
  13. Behind Beyond – The Mother Hips