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The Staxx Brothers

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I can drink like nobody knows. Nobody knows where I put my clothes.

Videos don’t mount a fully formed storyline like this anymore, at least not if you’re name isn’t R. Kelly, and this instantly catchy, twang slathered ditty is considerably easier to follow than Trapped In The Closet, though the latest ambitious, broadly entertaining offering from DI super friends The Staxx Brothers does play with time, history and social taboos in ways the “Ignition” man would likely approve of. This mini-movie takes one back to the time of Pat Benetar’s “Love is A Battlefield” and Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher” with a real plot, dramatic scenes complete with dialog, younger versions of band members, and more that just screams, “Got your classic shit right here, kids!”

The song itself, taken from 2011’s fab Jungle Cat, is a radio-ready gem Ronnie Van Zant wouldn’t have minded playing next to Skynyrd back in the day – rock ‘n’ roll for sure but unabashedly Southern fried. Everyone from the band to the actors to the set designers and the rest does a bang-up job. See if it don’t make you wanna do a little close dancing followed by some closer dancing, if you know what we mean (and if you’re reading Dirty Impound you better know what we mean). Well done. Again. Count on Staxx for the good stuff, folks.

Oh, The Staquelettes as angels? Proper typecasting in DI’s book.