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1970 Week

Seals And Crofts

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DI takes its role as edutainers seriously, and in that spirit we’re spotlighting great albums and choice cuts from 1970-1999 to edify our readers’ musical breadth of knowledge. Each week will focus on a single year and some of the sweetmeat it produced.

Seals and Crofts arrived a hellaciously good band just as the 60s crested into the stonier skipping malaise of 1970s. Working the fertile ground between Crosby, Stills & Nash and James Taylor, 1970’s sophomore album Down Home is radio friendly and back porch savvy, a pickin’ party with a lil’ electricity and a healthy dollop of sophistication. There’s oodles of standouts – DI especially digs “Hand-Me-Down Shoe,” “Cotton Mouth” and slamming, mandolin-driven opener “Ridin’ Thumb” included here – and those only familiar with S & C’s big hits later in the decade will be surprised at their chops, jazz inflections and roots credibility on this album.

We’ve given y’all the full road trip on this cut with the studio version, a King Curtis cover from 1972’s Everybody’s Talkin’, and a slammin’ live version of “Ridin’ Thumb” from the California Jam – dig the Nudie suit jacket and coke shades on Dash Crofts! And eat it String Cheese Incident’s Michael Kang: Dash blazed the distorted electric mando decades before you!