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Echoes From Sunset Canyon IV

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”Now that highway’s coming through so you all gotta move. This bottom rung ain’t no fun at all.”

Are you satisfied? Satisfied with your life? With the world at large? With how we treat one another? It seems strange how so many people have accepted dissatisfaction as a way of life, even when some part of them knows there must be a better way. It leaves us with so much unfulfilled longing, good soldiers going through the motions sustained by the crumbs left behind by our daydreams. Despite living in an age of so much seeming choice and possibility – as X observes here, “Now there are seven kinds of Coke, 500 kinds of cigarettes. This freedom of choice in the USA drives everybody crazy” – we find ourselves gridlocked in too, too many ways. Perhaps all we need to do is grieve what is lost and unattainable and then got on with the good business of living and loving with everything we have in us.

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Echoes From Sunset Canyon IV Track Listing

  1. Train Robbers – Chris Robinson
  2. Too Many Hands – Eagles
  3. I Cheat The Hangman – The Doobie Brothers
  4. Head Home – Midlake
  5. In The Grass – Reed KD
  6. Living Without You – Harry Nilsson
  7. I Miss You (2 Meter Sessies Version) – Randy Newman
  8. You Never Really Wanted Me – Charlie Rich
  9. Hold On Hope – Glen Campbell
  10. These Days – Jennifer Warnes
  11. See How We Are – X
  12. Hello – Sam Quinn
  13. Gone – The Rosewood Thieves
  14. Clairaudients (Kill Or Be Killed) – Bright Eyes
  15. Never Stop Falling – These United States

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