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Staring Down The Night

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A musical companion for pondering one’s place in the universe, one’s companions on Earth, and the stars above.

Staring Down The Night from dirtyimpound on 8tracks Radio.

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Staring Down The Night Track Listing

  1. Wishing On The Moon – Dan Fogelberg
  2. Freed From A Prison – The Mother Hips
  3. Spins Your Stars – The Bye Bye Blackbirds
  4. The Connection – Velvet Crush
  5. Heartbreak A Stranger – Bob Mould
  6. Satellite – Petra Haden & Bill Frisell
  7. Between The Bars – Elliott Smith
  8. Twilight – Elliott Smith
  9. Robin Hood – Ocean Colour Scene
  10. Lost Satellite – Neal Casal
  11. I Am The Cosmos – Chris Bell
  12. One Day When God Begs My Forgiveness – Songdog
  13. Sparse Moments Spare – Eighty Mile Beach
  14. Counting Sheep – Barb
  15. In The Falling Dark – Bruce Cockburn
  16. Perfect Moonlight – McCarthy Trenching
  17. White City Lights – Billy Nicholls
  18. A Long Way From Home – The Kinks
  19. Late For The Sky – Jackson Browne
  20. Million Dollar Bill – Dawes