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Stoned Mixology – Spectral Things

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Music put together under the influence for the edification and amusement of those both under the influence and otherwise…

Ghosts and memories, dreams and fears, none have tangible substance but nothing consumes our thoughts more, particularly when we dull the world’s clatter and sit alone with our thoughts. Instead of chasing them away, let’s invite them in for a smoke and a hang.

Track listing below. If you experience playback problems pop over to the mix page and it should play fine.

Stoned Mixology: Spectral Things from dirtyimpound on 8tracks Radio.

Stoned Mixology: Spectral Things Track Listing

  1. Hypnotized – Fleetwood Mac
  2. Top of the Hill – Family
  3. I, As A Ghost – Sensations
  4. She’s Doesn’t Exist Anymore – Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
  5. Quit Diggin’ – T. Hardy Morris
  6. Leave Me Be – Lesser Bangs
  7. A Legacy – Marillion
  8. Gorgeous Morning – Chris Velan
  9. Roll River Roll – Hiss Golden Messenger
  10. These Hills (An Ode To Flea Bob) – Goose Creek Symphony
  11. Fine Memory – Bob Seger
  12. Jesus, Etc. – Bill Fay
  13. Lord, I’m Discouraged – The Hold Steady
  14. Ink and Grief – The Gourds
  15. I Used To Be A King – Graham Nash
  16. Taking Alcatraz – Field Report
  17. Before The World Awakens (Interlude) >
  18. City Lights – Modern Inventors
  19. Slow Poisons – Dead Confederate
  20. Death Awaits – Futurebirds

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