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Truth & Salvage Co.

Appalachian Hilltop

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“Gather your seeds to be sown.”

Certain sounds make one instantly thoughtful, wistful and wondering in the best ways. The gentle, breeze-like tickle of mandolin and acoustic guitar that begins this homespun corker from Truth & Salvage Co. is such a sound. This is what the Impound calls a “bindle tune,” nourishing songs one tucks into their hobo suitcase to get them through the undoubtedly rocky roads ahead, a piece of coal with a diamond inside awaiting us in those moments we need its riches most. This light-on-its-feet but deep-as-a-river ditty is a standout on the band’s recently released sophomore album, Pick Me Up, an end-to-end charmer that’s one of DI’s favorite albums of 2013. Like many tracks on the new album, “Appalachian Hilltop” is warming and real, a slice of life that’s oddly cheering in how it embraces a clear-eyed view of the world without succumbing to cynicism and despair. It’s also just plain good music from an exceedingly good group of guys [find out more about them and their latest record in DI’s big ol’ feature interview with the band]. And you can keep up with the comings, goings and random musings about hotel rooms and whatnot at their blog.