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The Coup / K.Flay

Long Island Iced Tea, Neat / Rawks

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“We gonna make a masterpiece out of all the mistakes.” – Boots Riley

If one’s perception of modern hip hop is wholly derived from what’s on MTV then you’re missing out. As always, it’s the DIY folks still living on real, paycheck-to-paycheck streets that are cobbling together the most interesting, exciting beat science. To wit, The Coup and K.Flay, who in sound and vision (as evidenced by their latest cool ass videos), are knocking heads in a most alluring way. The layers to what these artists do, the rawness and wild juxtapositions, the swagger and smarts, well, it leaves most of the competition looking slack and silly. Support K.Flay and The Coup and trust DI that your investment in what they do will pay dope dividends.