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“And they’re all made of bronze and stone, all of those dreams. Frozen under the sun, still so alive in me.”

Steadily, organically, Brooklyn-based The Mast have developed into a more philosophically evolved 21st century answer to the sexy-smart, neo-futuristic sound Tricky and Martina Topley-Bird conjured in the mid-90s. But where Maxinquaye and Pre-Millennium Tension succored the sour side of modernity to produce eerily appealing bitter milk, Haleh Gafori and Matt Kilmer draws from older, deeper wells to nurture their creations. Something elemental and abiding floats in their music even as it hums with pinging, chuttering buzz of present times. The duo has a new album – DI is still getting their head around it but will spilling more thoughts soon – called Pleasure Island (check it out here), and this is the first video. DI is once again struck by the winning mixture of intense passion and gliding groove this pair works up, and Haleh’s voice remains one of today’s true siren calls.