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My Morning Jacket

I'm Amazed/Touch Me I'm Going To Scream

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Ace photographer/videographer Jake Krolick caught My Morning Jacket’s summer tour closer in Philly. He brings us live footage and a super swell multiple Jim James picture that y’all can download in large size format here.

My Morning Jacket by Jake Krolick at Dirty Impound

photo: Jake Krolick

The video captures the guitar hero in Jim so well, and we like any footage whose description ends with the phrase “with Jim in Donkey Mask.” Okay, maybe not any footage, or maybe any footage besides this clip. We sometimes speak before we’ve really think things through.

We'll Do It Live

Gov't Mule

08.14.10 | Philadelphia, PA

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First opener Trombone Shorty and his crack band Orleans Ave. produced the first of several standout moments of the night. I’m sure the Tremé neighborhood in New Orleans 6th Ward, where Shorty was born and raised, had plenty of distractions, but when he began a solo about four songs in and a tall ship leaving the dock placed a long perfect blast of its horn into Shorty’s solo, the New Orleans native stopped poked his head around the stage, laughed and went right on with his business.

Second opener Jackie Greene can play the hell out of the Grateful Dead’s New Speedway Boogie. He hit the chorus holding his bone white cable high in the air, tempting us to sing- along on the “one way or another” part. The crowd was almost perfectly dialed into this vibe as we answered his call with yelps of approval. He wailed on his guitar, backing up against his drummer to bring the Workingman’s Dead tune to a blazing finish.

Gov’t Mule’s bandleader Warren Haynes’ kind, thoughtful touches were evident all evening. They started early as he came out to sign autographs before Jackie Greene played. Then his invitation of both Trombone Shorty and Jackie Greene to the stage during both sets was generous and produced the best musical moments of the evening.

Gov’t Mule ended the first set as hot as I’ve heard them since drummer Matt Abts jumped out on stage to impersonate Mick Jagger in a version of Shattered last Halloween. A three-song rumpus fueled our need to do more than just sway as Shorty joined the Mule during the Other One Jam, complete with a Gimme Shelter verse tucked in for good measure. On 32/20 Blues, a call and response section with Shorty was candy to everyone’s ears, and even old warhorse Soulshine was interesting with Shorty and a gospel style start.

Haynes must have done his research for The Beatles-themed encore because while Sir Paul McCartney reached for high notes in Blackbird and Helter Skelter a few football fields away, Haynes invited Jackie Greene up to help send off the crowd with Don’t Let Me Down and Hide Your Love Away.

My complaints with the show are strictly personal. It’s a shame that my patience for the jam band is slowly starting to wane as I was bored stiff during the umpteenth When Doves Cry > Beautifully Broken I’d witnessed. Jorgen Carlsson is a fine bassist but I keep thinking back to the touring days with all those different bass players and wondering how it would be if the low-end had more oomph.

P.S.: This show was at the Great Plaza not that overblown parking lot that is Festival Pier. The Great Plaza features light security, four heavily stocked bars, tall ships, water everywhere, fireworks, sound, and sight lines that are superb as long as you get into the first two tiers of people. Plus, I will forever think fondly of Mother Nature and her perking touch due the chilly temperatures at this gig. You randy Mother! (words and photos: Jake Krolick)

Audience Recording of this Show

Setlist Set 1: Railroad Boy, Thorazine Shuffle, Gameface > Birdland Jam > Gameface, Towering Fool, Rockin’ Horse, Fallen Down > Other One Jam (w/Trombone Shorty), 32/20 Blues (w/Trombone Shorty), Soulshine (w/Trombone Shorty). Set 2: Trane > 3rd Stone From The Sun Jam (w/ My Favorite Things tease) > Eternity’s Breath > St Stephen Jam > Trane, Trampled Under Foot, When Doves Cry > Beautifully Broken > When Doves Cry > Beautifully Broken, Frozen Fear > Dyer Maker > Frozen Fear, Moby Dick, Drums > Moby Dick > Any Open Window > Mr. Man > Broke Down On The Brazos. E: Don’t Let Me Down (w/ Jackie Greene), Hide Your Love Away (w/ Jackie Greene)

We'll Do It Live

The Black Keys

07.30.10 | Philadelphia, PA

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I swear Dan Auerbach and Pat Carney must have been down on their luck years ago and wound up making some crossroads deal with the devil himself. Sure, its great now, but us fans are screwed when Satan comes to snatch those two away. In the meantime, I’m lusting over their latest effort Brothers, arguably the band’s finest work to date, whose all-encompassing mix of body shaking grunge blues has just enough dark jukebox mojo and soul to make it unforgettable. It’s clear The Black Keys are a band willing to sprout huge fucking wings and fly far but they don’t forget to fly back to their nest every now and then to visit their roots. Auerbach is a laid-back freak on his guitar whose ability to dig down real deep and twist and bend notes leaves your jaw on the floor. Carney is as steady on drums as anyone and his timing and intensity feeds off of Auerbach’s gifted touch. But, some of the best reasons to see The Black Keys live now are no longer the songs that had made them famous.

The show at the Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing was perhaps the first time I have seen a crowd so hungry for a band’s new material. Even though the setlists haven’t varied at all during this tour, the Keys have acquired a few new bandmates with bassist Nick Movshon and keyboardist Leon Michels. Obviously, the new players help round out duo’s sound, but they also add more than just some extra instruments to the stage. In an interview on Auerbach describes the addition of the pair to their lineup as being “like four diamonds with lightning bolts coming out of them.”

This analogy sounds wild, but in action in Philadelphia it made perfect sense as this new quad played some insane takes of the Brothers’ tracks Next Girl and Ten Cent Pistol. Plus, we got some fresh reworkings of several new songs like the turtle-slow build on Everlasting Light changed from the album version’s consistent pace and a devastatingly funky take on Sinister Kid that made for some of the most ferocious crowd participation during the encore. I’d say that Movshon’s bass playing was a tad overshadowed because Carney and Auerbach have gotten so damn good at covering all of the low, high and in between. However, the drums can’t produce those shrill high pitched tones like that vintage Italian Farfisa Organ onstage, making Michels’ finger work during the intro to Next Girl and Everlasting Light glow with a brightness that has me seeing massive potential.

The excitement generated by Brothers gives the Keys plenty of space to roll around, plus Leon Michels channeling The Zombies’ Rod Argent mixed with some Spooner Oldham suggests that they have moved into a new phase. The backdrop of the two hands clasped inside a tire show that they will go at it together stronger then they have ever been and ready to take on the world. (words and photos: Jake Krolick)

Setlist: Thickfreakness, Girl Is on My Mind, 10 A.M. Automatic, The Breaks, Stack Shot Billy, Busted, Everywhere I Go, Strange Times, Same Old Thing, Everlasting Light, Next Girl, Chop and Change, Howlin’ for You, Tighten Up, She’s Long Gone, Ten Cent Pistol, Your Touch, I Got Mine. E: Too Afraid to Love You, Sinister Kid, Till I Get My Way