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Ryan MontbleauRyan Montbleau Band

The ladies flow like water through the songs of the Ryan Montbleau Band, a constant source of inspiration to their leader, even if sometimes they make him feeling like he’s drowning. They flit in & out of the tunes on Heavy On The Vine, the band’s quite charming new release, which slots in nicely next to the work of Jack Johnson, Donavon Frankenreiter and other contemporary purveyors of easy to like pop. However, one element that sets Montbleau apart from the pack is a dark wit that occasionally surfaces in his lyrics, sometimes prompted by the females of the species. With that in mind, we offer you a bit of Ryan’s Dirty mind.

pee off a fire escape with Ryan!

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Jonathan TylerJonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

From the shadowy, shirtless, Indian headdress wearing figure on the cover of Pardon Me — the raucous ‘n’ wooing debut from Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights — to the nakedly lascivious groovers and panty loosening mid-tempo ballads inside, this band seems to know a thing or two about skin-to-skin communication. Their album has the flair and young hunger of early Black Crowes, Faces and other folks with killer riff instincts and an almost unhealthy love of rock. Toss in some of Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble’s blues bite and hip swing and it’s a pretty attractive package. Listen to Pardon Me here, and the band offers free live downloads here. Sensing he’d have a thing or two to say about the naughty things in his head, we invited Tyler to take our misbehaved survey.

Maggots, chick flicks y mas

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Shannon KoehlerThe Stone Foxes

Based on the naked lasciviousness of “Patience” and other four-to-the-floor scorchers on Bears & Bulls, the second album from SF’s The Stone Foxes, this is a band that knows a bit about sex and other filthy things. The Foxes’ Shannon Koehler took time out of their summer touring schedule ā€“ including the album release show this Saturday, July 17 Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco ā€“ to get into the thick of it with us.

Never look at Vitamin Water the same way again

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Scott Metzger
American Babies, Bustle in your Hedgerow (plus about 20 other New York City artists)

Nicknames:”Boots,” “Boom Boom”

Onstage, Scott Metzger exudes a manly aura. Face twisting along with the notes beneath his fingers, he sweats, grunts and grins every bit of hot rock soul he can from his instrument. He’s a lovely blur of brute-force will and ever-mounting skill; the kinda kid that old bluesmen throw an arm around and the ladies grin at while licking sweat from their lips. That’s the reward of being all-in in one’s craft, and Mr. Metzger is surely that. We couldn’t have asked for a finer, earthier motherfucker to kick off the Impound’s salacious new questionnaire.

keep reading for Scott’s views on groupies and Jack in the Box