Big Light

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Big Light by Josh Miller

This was the second formal band photo I have taken for Big Light. I brought lighting and all the bells and whistles I thought I needed to The Independent this past August. For this shot, it turns out I didn’t need any of it, besides my camera, of course. The photo was taken on top of the venue. It was a great way to start the evening and the grand reopening of The Independent after the room’s remodel.

Dengue Fever

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Miller's Eye: Dengue Fever

photo: Josh Miller

The sun was dropping quickly and the photo had to wait on few band members to change, or smoke, or do whatever Dengue Fever were needing to do that particular San Francisco afternoon. It came together and Golden Gate Park provided a nice eucalyptus and green background for the shot.


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Miller's Eye: Lenka

photo: Josh Miller

This shot of Australian pop singer-songwriter Lenka was taken underneath the main stage at Outside Lands in San Francisco in 2009. We liked how the bars looked and it was much cooler than in the hot sun behind the stage.

–Dirty Impound Lead Photographer Josh Miller

Portugal. The Man

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Miller's Eye: Portugal The Man

photo: Josh Miller

This shot of Portugal. The Man on the bleachers that surround the Polo Fields at Golden Gate Park during Outside Lands 2009. I liked the symmetry of the bleachers. They provided a nice background and a spacial quality I always look for in “on the fly” portraiture.

–Dirty Impound Lead Photographer Josh Miller

Tea Leaf Green

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Miller's Eye: Tea Leaf Green

photo: Josh Miller

This was taken at Tea Leaf‘s first Fillmore show, a milestone for the SF band. Right before the show this shot came together in the backstage dressing room. The band seemed anxious but guitarist Josh Clark still managed to keep it loose by turning sideways. He didn’t mess around minutes later when they started what would turn out to be a stellar rock ‘n’ roll show.

–Dirty Impound Lead Photographer Josh Miller

High Sierra Music Festival

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Lead photographer Josh Miller handpicked his 10 favorite shots from the 2010 High Sierra Music Festival and really captures some of the essence of this very special annual gathering. He’s good like that. If you’re interested in reading more about the festival check out this review, which contains Dennis’ highlights and more pics from Jake Krolick and Susan J. Weiand.

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Henry Butler

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Henry Butler by Josh Miller

photo: Josh Miller

To see piano legend Henry Butler in front of a small crowd at North Beach hole-in-the-wall Mojito was phenomenal. I know New Orleans locals are used to hearing talents like this every day but we West Coasters were blessed this night. Henry was as kind as they come and very generous when it came to photo direction. I didn’t have a flash and needed to place him under the single light near the bathroom in order to get this shot. He went out of his way to help me.

–Dirty Impound Lead Photographer Josh Miller

Tim Bluhm

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Insights into his favorite snaps by our Lead Photographer Josh Miller

Shot in Yosemite at last year’s Las Tortugas Festival. Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips is far from scary. In fact, he’s one mellow, chill guy. But, on this night, amongst the trees of California’s Yosemite Forest, he did his best to freak us out. He succeeded.

Miller's Eye: Tim Bluhm

Editor’s Note: Tim has an array of hats that would look stupid on almost anyone else. Once encountered few ever forget his iconic fur number, which makes an already ludicrously tall dude even taller. I was also present at Tortugas ’09, but I wasn’t scared by Bluhm’s get-up so much as it made me want to assemble a classic hobo bindle for him — a long, knobby stick with a plaid bandana stuffed with a few worldly possessions. In Tim’s case, I’d guess beer, a sandwich, pictures of Nicki and more beer. (Dennis)