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Snack Time V

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When we were young, radio was a blessing, something one turned on to find a smile, a comforting shoulder, or just a nifty tune that made the world shine a bit brighter for a few minutes. Those days – very sadly – are largely past with the commercial radio programming of today, but we at Dirty Impound like to conjecture what a better radio world might sound like. Our fifth installment in this daydream offers Beatles covers, Richard Thompson tackling a Squeeze hit, fresh new talent right at the top, and more with ample nods to the 70s AM radio magnificence of our youth.

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Mix Tape

Poundings LXXXIII

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Hey, modern rock, the late 70s and 1980s called to school ya about your grandparents.

Poundings LXXXIII from dirtyimpound on 8tracks.

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Albums of the Week

April 24-April 30

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In this edition: Dr. John, Leland Sundries, Crackerjack Highway, Chrome Cranks, Daniel Rossen, Radar Eyes, and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad.

what’s tickling our fancy this week…