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Hanni El Khatib


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Just based on his videos, the Impound assumes Hanni El Khatib is a cross between Sailor Ripley from Wild At Heart (the glorious Barry Gifford novel more than the David Lynch film – no one really wants to be compared to Nicolas Cage anymore) and a new millenial rocker with DNA dating back to Big Boy Crudup and Muddy Waters. His songs and the images that accompany them are earthy and make us lick our lips and flare our nostrils. His world looks dangerous and jammed with kicks galore. We want to visit, though maybe just for a few days – we’re not as young as we used to be. Khatib’s debut album, Will the Guns Come Out (2011), is a cool piece of work, but our gut says that new tracks like “Family” mark an even stronger artist emerging. He keeps good company too. This clip directed by Nick Walker is like a swift, battering daydream Takashi Miike had after eating poorly cut fugu. Pick up the “Family” single here. And Hanni, you should consider Dirty Impound part of your extended family. We got your back, man.

Oh yeah, we never shared Khatib’s previous video. Here tis, a blunt jab worthy of The Cramps. Plus, “roach cock” is a heck of an addition to one’s lexicon. Winning!

Mix Tape

Brought To You By The Letter…F

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The Impound has been organizing its music archives, and we hit upon the idea of sharing tunes we dig in an alphabetical way. So, for the next few months we’ll be working our way from A-Z with a choice baker’s dozen or so installment each week that includes bands/artists from a single letter.

Our “F” assortment includes DI staples Dan Fogelberg, Fleetwood Mac and Fairport Convention alongside some artists that deserve bigger audiences and critical recognition (The Features, Johnny Flynn and Liam Finn) as well as a monster track from one of our fave-o-rite cult U.K. acts (“Good News Bad News”) named Family. If just one listener decides to explore the Family catalog because of this mix we feel we’re doing God’s work here at the Impound (and you might well start with the killer 2 CD compilation In Their Own Time if you feel so inclined). Now, we’ll shut the “F” up and get rolling…

Listen to this mix HERE. Track listing below.

You can listen to 8tracks mixes on your iPhone (pick up the app here) and Android (pick up the app here).

Uh, we were going to show you a nice picture of Furry Friends with a Fabulous Letter “F” but the Sesame Street gang is still pissed about Romney saying he’s pulling their funding. Looks like it’s gonna be a street fight with the GOP!

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