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Poundings XCII

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After a lengthy break, the Impound’s Friday rock block is back! We’re returning our signature mix series to its roots of a slammin’ baker’s dozen to rattle your bones as the weekend beckons. As the saying goes, PLAY LOUD!

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In Your Eye

you gotta see this

Mötley Crüe & Papa Mali

Shout At The Devil / I Walk On Gilded Splinters

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So, it’s Halloween and the Impound’s Facebook Page just hit 666 “likes”. We felt this milestone was worth noting with an anthem we love and a bit of spooked gris-gris for your doorstep. While we’ll happily see this number rise – really, just click on over and like away – we’re down to give the Devil his due on this of all days. Now, DI wolves, scream lonely in the night!

Mix Tape

Poundings XXXXVII

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The first of three mixes to get you through the weekend features nut butter, extraterrestrial poontang, Udo, whacked out Osmonds, shout-along expletives, and it begins with a standout from the fantabulous new Rose Hill Drive album, Americana (released July 12), one of the best heaping slabs of pure rock to sidle up in a spell. Seriously, go buy this album before we have to slap you to attention. Now, without further adieu, rock ‘n’ roll, hootchie koo!

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