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Snack Time V

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When we were young, radio was a blessing, something one turned on to find a smile, a comforting shoulder, or just a nifty tune that made the world shine a bit brighter for a few minutes. Those days – very sadly – are largely past with the commercial radio programming of today, but we at Dirty Impound like to conjecture what a better radio world might sound like. Our fifth installment in this daydream offers Beatles covers, Richard Thompson tackling a Squeeze hit, fresh new talent right at the top, and more with ample nods to the 70s AM radio magnificence of our youth.

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Mix Tape

Poundings XXX (Pt. 1)

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T.S. Eliot theorized that each new poem shifted all the other poems that had come before, ever so slightly but a ripple felt. Poets need not be aware of one another’s work for this ripple to roll through, it’s something sensed in the subconscious but nigh impossible to force into words. Rock ‘n’ roll is much the same. To take up instruments and put one’s stamp on rock is to become part of something larger. Yes, only a handful will be household names, icons recognized and widely celebrated. Many efforts will clog the dollar bins at record stores or linger in garages, dust gathering reflections of a dream attempted. Still, it’s commendable that so many try, and I think it’s because even after 60-odd years, rock continues to surprise and delight us. It continues to embolden, enlighten and entertain, not yet fully predictable despite the many ruts some insist on keeping it in. In 2011, it’s not clear where rock will turn. What alleyways will it take us down this year? What new vistas will it reveal? No one knows for sure, and that great unknowing is part of what fires up Dirty Impound.

We offer up this mega-sized 30th installment of our signature mix in honor of Eliot’s notion, the famous and the unknown mingling bumptiously in rock’s great, ever-flowing stream. Listen, let this one take you on a little trip, and please keep coming back to share rock’s grand adventure with us every week. We’d miss you if you didn’t.

Part Two will be published tomorrow.

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